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Katia Boni
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In Bellaria Igea Marina, you can visit the Museum and the Natural Park Casa Rossa. This is the holiday home of the writer Alfredo Panzini, which after being restored, was opened to the public. A 'very interesting excursion for the whole family, you think in the rooms, they are still well preserved, in addition to the furniture, even the original furnishings, manuscripts, and the writer's books. E 'can also visit "The Pensieve," Panzini outbuilding where he used to stay intellectuals and artists of the period who frequented the villa. Also appreciated the large park, now the headquarters of events especially literary. This is a place of great inspiration, especially for those who are fond of reading and writing, for all creative people who want to grapple with deep feelings. The Red House was opened to the public in June 2007 with the exhibition "air cards", a great success, which today attracts a large number [...],it

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